DealerCamp™ 2012 Retailer Subsidy Program

A cornerstone of DealerCamp™ is our Retailer Subsidy Program, which will provide travel stipends for 100 retail businesses. Akin to what the A-tier companies do with their private dealer events, DealerCamp provides a model where smaller companies can share this expense and all benefit.

Lifeboat Events will work with 2012 exhibiting companies to select the group of retail businesses eligible to receive attending subsidies.

Of course all other qualified retailers are welcome to attend DealerCamp at their own expense.

How It Works - Selecting Subsidized Retailers

Participating exhibitors who register for DealerCamp by February 1, 2012, are welcome to participate in the subsidized retailer selection process. Through this, Lifeboat Events aims to target the best possible mix of retailers for the companies who plan to exhibit.

Confirmed exhibitors will be sent a ballot with a list of top ranked retail businesses to vote for. Voting will end on February 15th 2012.
Lifeboat Events will then strategically select the group of 100 businesses based on: 1) the number of different companies who vote for the same businesses, 2) making sure each exhibiting company sees adequate representation from its list, and 3) ensuring an appropriate geographic diversity of retailers.

After identifying the targeted list of 100 subsidized retail businesses, Lifeboat Events will invite them to attend DealerCamp as part of the program. Each business will receive a cash travel reimbursement based on geographic zone (see below) to help cover lodging, transportation, food and all other incidental expenses related to attending DealerCamp. Lifeboat Events will issue subsidy checks to subsidized retailers after confirming their attendance at the event—within 30 days of DealerCamp.

Note: Exhibitors who sign up for DealerCamp after February 1, 2012, are not eligible for providing a list of businesses for this program. They still may, however, provide business names for inclusion in DealerCamp outreach efforts to non-subsidized retailers. 


Zone 0 - $0                       Zone 1 - $500

Zone 2 - $600                   Zone 3 - $650

Zone 4 - $700                   Zone 5 - $800

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