Tools for the Toolbox

On this page you will find a host of items you can download to help communicate your participation in DealerCamp. Additionally, you can watch this space for exhibitor service tools, and other needs as we move closer to July!

DealerCamp Logos:

DC12 Logo JPG

DC12 Logo PNG

DealerCamp Images:

Ride Shot 1

Ride Shot 2

DC Sign Shot

Race Shot 1 

Race Shot 2

(You may also use any of the images in our photo gallery on the home page)

DealerCamp Descriptive Paragraph:

Word Document File

DealerCamp 2011 Event Video

http://youtu.be/QUxgu4J1OBY - (Embedding IS allowed - Please use embed code on YouTube page)

DealerCamp 2011 Testimonials Video

http://youtu.be/QagyKu-ZGiM - (Embedding IS allowed - Please use embed code on YouTube page)

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