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How do you see DealerCamp as a competitor to Interbike?

We do not see DealerCamp as a direct competitor to Interbike whatsoever. Many mid-sized bicycle manufacturers will gear up in late July, early August, and roll out 2011 models to targeted retailers—one way or another—so they can be on the same plane as the A-tier companies, such as Trek, Specialized, Giant and a couple of others. DealerCamp is an effort to corral these companies together to find efficiencies for these manufacturers and the retailers who will be targeted to attend. This is the same strategy we had for PressCamp (albeit a different attending audience), where we had great success in 2009 and it looks even better for 2010.



How will DealerCamp be different compared to Interbike's Demo Days

DealerCamp will be held in a world-class resort, with epic off-road riding, accessible by chairlift and joined by fantastic alpine road loops. The event will be just three miles from the retailer host hotel in Park City and can be reached by bicycle via a Rails-to-Trails bike path. Exhibitors will stay in condos even closer to the event, many within walking distance. Finally, the sheer number of
attendees and
exhibiting companies will be less, providing a more intimate meeting of the industry. Most obvious, this product-testing experience will be timed so that manufacturers can get feedback and write orders at a critical time in the buying cycle. In addition, DealerCamp will be subsidizing travel expenses for a select group of retailers. This is akin to what the A-tier companies do with their private dealer events. We're trying to create a similar model where smaller companies can share this expense and all benefit.



Why don't you combine PressCamp with DealerCamp?

Journalists need to see new products in late June, by far the number one pick on
our post-PressCamp 2009 survey. This timing allows them to get print stories into the September issues that are timed around the fall's big trade events. Any later than June and the window is closed and that opportunity is missed. However, manufacturers could never be ready to release new products presently in June, so they are requesting an event in late July or early August. Therefore currently it is impossible to merge the two events together. On top of the timing issue, we
received overwhelming feedback that journalists appreciated the focus of
PressCamp and the fact that it made it easy to have quality time with manufacturers without having to compete with hundreds of other people. Manufacturers also appreciated the intimacy of PressCamp.



I am an exhibitor. What is the deadline for providing my top list of 100

retail businesses?

Submit your list in an Excel spreadsheet to [email protected] by March 15, 2010.


What kind of dealers will be on the targeted 100 list for DealerCamp 2010?


We see the list of retail businesses being made up largely by two groups:

1) Key retail businesses, from many large markets, whose bike lines include important “B-tier” brands as their bread and butter. If these buyers have an opportunity to see some or all of their primary brands at one time and in one place, at a critical buying decision time, all while receiving FREE lodging and a handsome
travel subsidy, we are confident they will be very interested in attending.

2) Businesses that may have one or more “A-tier” brands, but also have several important “B-tier” brands to round out their offerings. This group will find that DealerCamp is an efficient and timely event to test, see and purchase the latest products from these companies.

Can you tell me now the names of the retail businesses and buyers that have registered for DealerCamp?

All exhibitors who come on-board before March 15 can provide us with a list of 100 targeted retail businesses they would like to have in attendance.  We will take all of the lists at that time and compile them so that we have a top 100.  Most of the retail names will derive from businesses that received the most nods if you will, but we will also make sure that each exhibitor gets some key names included that are meaningful to its business.

Once we have the final list, we will start inviting the dealers.  It may take the 101st, 102nd, 103rd, etc. names to reach our goal of spending the budgeted subsidies and filling the 100 hotel rooms, but we will not stop until we have the 100 businesses confirmed to attend.  Although we do not know which retail businesses will attend today, there should be a very strong list of retailers in attendance. 

Additionally, the doors are open for any qualified dealers who wishes to attend on their own. Many are telling us to expect drive-in traffic from as far west as California and others from the Denver, Salt Lake City, etc

For an even closer look, click here: 

As an exhibitor, can I provide a list of more than 100 retailers?

For the retailer subsidy program, please provide only 100 retail businesses to be included in the selection process. This will ensure that we pull from your highest priority list when we are making the list of 100 subsidized retail businesses. Any names on your targeted 100 list that are not selected for the Retailer Subsidy Program will be included in DealerCamp outreach and will be invited to attend at their own expense. You are also welcome to provide a second list of any length for us to use for DealerCamp outreach. 


How many of my top 100 retailers will be subsidized?

The exact number will vary, depending on several factors. Drawing from exhibitor lists, Lifeboat Events will strategically select the final group of 100 subsidized retail businesses based on: 1) the number of different companies who identify the same retail
business, 2) making sure each exhibiting company sees adequate
representation from its list, and 3) ensuring an appropriate geographic diversity of retailers.



When will I know who was selected to be a subsidized retailer?


Lifeboat Events will begin inviting subsidized retail businesses in the second half of March. We will post the list as soon as it is
finalized. Online retailer registration will
begin April 1.



I am a retailer. How can I sign up for the retailer subsidy program?


Lifeboat Events regrets that we are unable to accept retailer requests to be included in the Retailer Subsidy Program. All subsidized retailers will be selected by Lifeboat Events using input from confirmed exhibitors.



I am a subsidized retail business. How do I make my travel arrangements

and when will I receive my subsidy?


You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements. You will receive your travel subsidy, based on your zone, within 14 days after DealerCamp. Lifeboat Events will reserve your room and pay for it directly.



As a subsidized retail business, how many people can I bring?


Your travel subsidy is a set amount based on the zone where your business is located. You may choose to use this subsidy for just one person, or you may split it among two or more people. Lifeboat Events will provide one double room, which can accommodate two people. If you would like to bring more people from your business, you may do so at your own expense.



Is there power available at the expo?


No, you are responsible for providing your own power (e.g., generator).



How close is the demo riding? Will there be shuttles?


No shuttles are needed because all riding is accessible from the expo area. A chairlift will carry fat-tire riders to a variety of trail options. Road loops are adjacent to the expo.


For more information, please visit or contact Lance Camisasca
at [email protected].

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